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Enjoy a quiet night in the treetops with your family!

Gluba Treetop Cabins allows you to spend the night in quiet and beautiful natural surroundings near the southern coast of Norway. While spending time in the treetops, you can enjoy wonderful hiking surroundings with family or friends and the calmness of the forest as darkness falls.

Not far from the cabins is a 9 meter high lookout tower, from here you can see the sea and the surrounding mountains.

Down by Lake Gluba you will find a gapahuk(shelter) which is located right at the water's edge. Here you can sit dry and barbecue in all kinds of weather.

Just beyond the shelter there are 7 canoes that everyone can borrow for free.

Lake Gluba offers adventurous paddling opportunities, here there are several lakes that are connected with small canals that eventually lead into Lonafossen.

58°05'08.9 N
76°1'02.5 E


Gluba Treetop Cabins 1


Kitchen with cooktop on gas
Well equipped kitchen with the most things one needs.
Sink with rain water
Wood stove
Indoor toilet (composting)
One bedroom with double bed
Loft with sleeping space for 2
Sofa bed with sleeping space for 2
Roofed porch with sofa and outdoor fireplace
Big dining table
Play table
Camping shower
Well with rainwater

Gluba Treetop Cabins "Furunåla" is a place where you find peace, lower your shoulders and wake up in the middle of nature. The cottage is equipped with a bedroom with a comfortable double bed, a loft with space for two children / youth, and a sofa bed.

There is a small kitchen with cooking facilities, sink with water supply from a rainwater collection tank, and what you need of cutlery, glasses and plates. All you need to bring is bed linen and food.

On the veranda outside the cottage there is a half roof with a chaise longue sofa in wood, fire pit / fireplace, dining table, play table and a very comfortable hammock.

Gluba Treetop Cabins 2


Kitchen with cooktop on gas
Well equipped kitchen with the most things one needs
Sink with rain water
Wood stove
Indoor toilet (composting)
3 bedrooms with sleeping space for 7
Loft with sleeping space for 3
Big roof one the veranda that covers both sofa, dining table and fireplace.
Play table
Camping shower
Well with rainwater

Enjoy a quiet evening in the treetops with the whole family! Here you can enjoy the silence and the fire until late at night with your family or partner. The cabin is built on a cliff and has a view of Lake Gluba and a bog where there is a moose trail.

There are 3 bedrooms in this cottage and a loft that can be fun for the kids, with skylights facing the night sky. Large half-roof outside that provides shelter from rain and covers both sofa, dining table and outdoor fireplace / wood stove. Short distance to Lake Gluba and the lookout tower.


When you sleep at Gluba Treetop Cabins you can borrow canoes down by Lake Gluba, just outside the cabins.

In canals made by bevers, you'll find yourself close to nature, and can paddle through a fantastic trail until you reach a waterfall. The paddling trail is easy to manage for all ages.

Gluba Treetop Cabin

The area

The cabin area offers a lot to our guests! Everything from nice walks in typical southern Norway nature, adventurous canoeing trips in bever canals to a very nice beach to take a swim from.

In addition to this, you can also fish, and not least dive in Lake Gluba where there is crystal clear water with a sandy bottom at the outlet of the lake!

While grilling in the gapahuken, you can also head to the area's finest building, Koia. It is built with huge logs where two bears, that are chainsaw-carved in wood, guard the entrance.

Apart from this, it is recommended to take a walk up the lookout tower where you can enjoy the sunset.


This large lavvo has room for as many as 25 people around the table. It has a kitchen, toilet and several beds if someone wants to spend the night. Ordering and delivery of food and drink can also be arranged.


A few hundred meters below the cabin there is a shelter (Gapahuk) with benches and barbecue in connection with the paddle and swimming opportunities.


Lake Gluba has something as rare as a sandy beach in a lake. Here both children and grown-ups will enjoy themselves!

Lookout tower

9m high lookout tower with views to the sea and Kneblingen.

Elk steps

There are many traces of elk in the area, especially in the area around the cabin "Elgposten"


Behind the shelter there is also a beautiful shelter. Entrance areas are held up by chainsaw-cut bears that are worth seeing.

The hiking area

Located in a forest, just walk over the suspension bridge from the cottage and enjoy of one of the many great hiking opportunities in the area!

Rent a shelter

A nice place that can be used for parties and all kinds of celebrations.

You bring your own food and drinks, while we take care of:

Food transport if needed (for example from catering).

Made tables (including glasses, plates and cutlery), and cleaning afterwards.

We fire up the wood stove in advance, start the power unit and turn on the lights.

58°05'08.9 N
76°1'02.5 E

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